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8th OF MARCH:  Women of Yaoundé on the scene.

At bonamoussadi neighborhood the women decided to celebrate their day in a special way

    ‘‘Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment : Meeting the Challenges and overcoming the obstacles ‘’.  Make no mistake about it, this is not an incantation but simply the theme adopted for the 31st edition of the 8th of March, women’s day celebration 2016 in Cameroon.  As might be expected on such a day, dedicated to women once per year, these ones come out massively to express their happiness. 11:00pm, we are at « Green Valley » bar, Bonamoussadi neighbourhood, Yaoundé. As its name indicates, this bar is all painted in green. Power outage ! On such a particular day, who would have expected anyone ? Nobody, or at least not many people, but there is. Still, as a woman present in the bar says, ‘‘rain or snowing, let’s celebrate’’. Even the power outage therefore does not seem to discourage them. There is only to count the number of bottle caps on the ground to have an idea of the quantity of alcohol that these women in the bar have already consumed. ‘‘Dj music ! music ! ’’ The women scream and it takes some seconds to this last to play one of the actual youth favorite song : « coller la petite » by Franko. To the beat of the music they dance, shaking their kabas in all sides.
An hour lasts. Two of the women in the bar decide to leave and return home. Patience NGASSANG and Sandrine TATAH are friends, and for this year they had a preference for the orange flowered 8th of march kaba that they have wear to celebrate. On their heads, they adopted a « Yemi Alade haistyle » as they call it. To answer the question on why they are going home, ‘‘ We are out since morning. We first went to march at the 20th May boulevard, we next visited some friends with whom we had a nice day and finally we came here at Green Valley to enjoy in group. But now we are tired and we need to go back home and rest for some moment’’ Sandrine TATAH says. ‘‘ Hey ! the night is not over, be sure. After we have rested we will still go out, but this time by 2 am’’ Patience NGASSANG adds. No need to ask at what time they intend to get home.  Still, there is one thing strange to these women. On this day that is theirs, they are happy and celebrate intensely but ask them what is the theme of their women day 2016, they do not know. Normal or sad ? That is the question.

March 2016