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Biyem-Assi : Young Woman Murdered by Son

Inhabitants of the Biyem-Assi neighbourhood woke up to a tragic morning yesterday. The mortal remains of a young woman whose names were got as Pauline Mboumeu, 38, were found in a gutter near her home at carrefour Biyem-Assi early in the morning. Mrs Mboumeu, a petty trader, lives in that locality with her three children (two boys and one girl) while the husband is in Gabon. Eyewitness reports say, Mrs Mboumeu, was asleep in her home with her two children when her eldest son, William Woutia, 16, called her out of her house at about 4:00 a.m. William then attacked and stabbed her to death in her compound before throwing her in the gutter.
  According to some of the neighbours, after the gruesome act, the son left the scene and went on to his normal occupation of serving bread to boutiques around. Following the cries of the neighbours around, William came back home pretending not to know anything about the mother’s death. Unfortunately for him, some neighbours noticed bloodstains on his trousers and they tried to find out where the bloodstains were from. “Since we know that William has a bad habit of beating up his mother always, we immediately suspected him of killing her,” said the neighbours. Neighbours say William has been harassing the mother from time to time and extorting money from her. “This time around the mother refused to give him money that is why he has killed her,” said one neighbour. According to his uncle, Aristide Kenmogne, William is not only a nuisance to his mother but to the whole family. “He came back from the village only three weeks ago where he molested my grand parents. Today he has killed his mother,” he said. William was almost lynched by neighbours when the police came and rescued him. Some neighbours told Cameroon Tribune that when William saw that he was thoroughly beaten up, he then admitted the accusation that he killed his mother. He told the crowd that he committed the act with two other friends. William Woutia is presently under police custody. Meanwhile, a search is being carried out to get the other two culprits.  
 Elizabeth MOSIMA
Août 2009 ©Cameroon tribune